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Honigs Offer Baseball/Softball Chest Protectors K1 - Honig's Pro Elite Protector (K1-R)

K1 - Honig's Pro Elite Protector (K1-R)

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K1 - Honig's Pro Elite Protector (K1-R)

Kód: K1-R

In 2006, Honig's introduced our VentMesh lightweight harness system. We've taken the typical y-strap harness and replaced it with a mesh vest-style harness for added comfort and ventilation. Adjustments at the shoulder and waist ensure a proper fit.

Our protector is at home on any field. It's solid enough to be used at the Major League level, yet light and comfortable enough to wear a whole afternoon on the small diamond. We've construced the Pro-Elite from a combination of rigid lightweight HD-80 plates and low rebound closed cell foam in order to produce one of the lightest protectors on the market. When a foul ball hits the protector, the HD-80 plates disperses the impact over a wide area, while the foam helps deaden the blow. Our recent update adds a removable adjustable clavicle insert to customize fit and add protection, while its pre-curved collarbone plates and inserts near the waistline help provide a personal fit Sizes: Regular (12" length) or XL (14" length). XL is recommended for someone over 250lbs.

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Including tax: 19,08€ (486,61 Kč)